Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Autumn Update

My dear sweet friends, I have been so supremely busy! Life with my three babies and being a babysitter means I am constantly pulled in opposite directions! I am squeezing in a moment to type this while both of my little girls nap and the bigger two are at preschool.
I should probably be cleaning, or prepping lunch...

Since school started, we have not had one free weekend. Mason has soccer, Ellie had a Birthday, we've done some major landscaping, and at some point we will be tackling the task of painting our living room/stairwell/upstairs hallway. Last weekend we went apple picking and rode some fun apple themed rides. We have an Octoberfest gathering this weekend, a wedding next weekend.
 I feel like I never have a moment to just stop and catch my breath. So this is me taking a moment to breathe and to soak up all of the little moments we have had since school started.

Mason and Ellie LOVE school. They have the best teachers and school staff and we are so blessed to have them attend the Presbyterian Preschool. Mason is in the challenge class this year and is working hard on writing his letters, mastering phonetics and polishing his social skills. Ellie is in the 3's class and is working on discovering new things and making some friends aside from her brother, who she tells me is her best friend.
Vivienne is almost 5 months old and is the happiest baby I have ever met in my life. She nurses like a rock star and loves sweet potatoes, squash and apples. She's working on sitting unassisted and loves to chew on everything she can get her hands on. She is starting to have some stranger anxiety, but she's usually all smiles.

The kids are looking forward to Halloween and the upcoming Holiday season. Mason already has a Christmas list started(has anyone else heard of a Zippybed??) and Eleanor is counting the days until she can wear her Princess Ariel costume.

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your Autumn!

All My Love,