Monday, May 11, 2015

Vivienne Ruth

So my heart could not possibly be any more full and I don't think it's possible to be any more tired. 
On Tuesday May 5th at 7:57AM, our sweet Vivienne Ruth was born. She weighed 7lbs, 1oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. She has long, skinny fingers and long toes and a head full of black hair. We could not be any more smitten with her. She is peaceful and calm and she stares into your soul with her enormous blue eyes. 

Surgery went relatively smoothly. There was some internal bleeding, but they got that fixed up quickly and I have been recovering well. I was able to walk by Tuesday afternoon, so Mason and Ellie came to visit that evening and meet their baby sister. 

Mason and Ellie are adjusting, sometimes beautifully and other times not so much. They adore their baby Vivienne, just not how much mommy is unavailable right now. 

Breastfeeding has been a breeze so far(can I just take a minute to say PRAISE JESUS!!). Mason and Ellie both didn't take to breastfeeding and we had a lot of sleepless nights, crying infants and stressed out parents, so feeding Vivienne has been a really great experience so far. 

There are moments when I can't believe we have three tiny humans, relying completely on us to keep them alive and other moments when I cannot even remember what life was like just two short weeks ago. 

Having three children has certainly been an adjustment for Matt and I. Two children seems to be the maximum number for efficiency, so it makes things like getting breakfast after church and taking walks together much more complicated. Sidewalks are not adequate for pushing a double stroller AND a jogging stroller. In fact we thought maybe Mason would just walk beside us and we'd be ok with just the double stroller still..

They ended up trying to sit like this for our entire walk. We made it one block folks until there was a meltdown of EPIC proportions. 

Getting a table for 9 for breakfast after church is kind of tricky too. A table for 8, easy peasy! But throwing in that extra space for Vivi's car seat, that just throws the restaurant for a loop. 
Also the logistics of getting three children ready for any activity can be challenging, especially when the newborn is hungry, the toddler wants to dress herself(which usually equals backwards and/or inside out clothing) and the 4 year old keeps insisting he's too tired to do anything but lay on the floor and complain about how tired he is. 

So far these are our biggest hurdles and for that, I am so thankful.

Vivienne has already completely changed our lives and she has been worth every sleepless minute so far. My heart might probably explode from the amount of love I have for all three of our beautiful children. 

All My Love,