Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Meg's Healthy Holidays

Oh hey there! Do y'all even remember me???? 
So as most of you know, after the birth of my second precious baby I lost 90 pounds. Well when I got pregnant with my third Little, old habits crept back into my life and I gained 50 pounds back. Womp womp.. 
After Vivi was born, I COULD NOT lose the baby weight. I stalled out at 165 pounds and the scale would not move. I just kind of gave up, got discouraged, gave into old binge eating cycles and ended up gaining an extra 15 pounds putting me back up to 180 pounds. NOT OKAY!!

I finally broke down when shirts I wore at 8 months pregnant were becoming tight on my 5 month postpartum body, I knew something had to change. I had tried weight watchers again, which is what I used the first time I lost the weight, but I just abused the flexibility. I needed something concrete, black and white, to help regain my self discipline. 
I ordered the 21 Day Fix* and I am absolutely so, so glad that I did. 
My results from my first round were amazing!! I lost the extra 15 pounds and 5 inches in my waist!! 

I am so excited to start my second round and see MORE results. I am in love guys. This has helped me recharge my drive and absolutely helped squash the binge eating habits. 

This leads me to my next challenge. Surviving the Holidays... 
I love food. I mean obviously right??? But so does my family. 
I know they mean well when they say things like "Oh, just a little won't hurt you!!" and that's true, but I never know if I will be able to stop at "just a little". Once a binge eater, always a binge eater. I have to work so hard every day to stay away from triggers. 
If you don't already know, I LOVE Instagram. My instagram fam is AMAZING!! I love the support I have received as I trudge along this new journey and deal with all of my struggles and celebrate my triumphs.
From now until Christmas I will be using the hashtag ---->  #megshealthyholidays. If you are struggling this season to stay on track, or just need support, I want you to know that I am here in any way I can be, whether to help keep you on track, or just to listen to you complain about how much pie will be thrust in your face. You can use the hashtag or just message me for support. But I want you to know that if you are stuck or unmotivated or just straight up losing faith, please know that I AM HERE for you. WE CAN DO THIS together. 

All My Love, 

*I am not affiliated with the 21 Day Fix or Beachbody, I just really love the program and got great results. You do not have to be doing the 21 Day Fix to participate, you can use any method you would like!!! I am just here for you!