Monday, June 29, 2015

Busy life, a Baptism and beach bum plans.

Well friends, it has been a hot minute since I blogged. Adjusting to life with three small children and getting back into the swing of babysitting, plus general Summer fun has left my blog on the back burner. Most days I have to choose between catching up on sleep, breakfast or working out. Lately getting in a run is winning! 

Our sweet Vivienne was Baptized yesterday! It was a beautiful Church service and miss Vivi did fabulous. I cannot tell you how much I thank God every day that she is such an easy, happy baby. 

Pastor Rob talked about us ALL being brothers and sisters in Christ and how much damage loneliness and alienation cause. It was a beautiful sermon and hit several spots in Matt and I's hearts as we continue to deal with some family issues. Please say a prayer for our guidance. 

I have really tried to stay on track lately with my eating and exercise. It has been really tough to see the scale staying exactly where I started, but since I am breastfeeding it will probably just take some extra time. I am not one of those lucky ladies who loses weight just through breastfeeding. My fat clings to me more! I have lost inches though, so I am seeing some results. 

We are planning our first BIG vacation. We are heading to Gulf Shores and Pensacola Florida in August! (Kelly, how far is that from you?!) We are driving and I am panicking a little bit about the 13 hour drive with small children. 
Matt and I decided that we would way rather have experiences than the latest and greatest stuff, so this will be the first of many traveling with children adventures! 

Also, I have missed my favorite blog ladies!! Kelly, Emily and Lindsay, I think about you every single day!! 

All My Love,