Monday, April 6, 2015

Grateful Heart and Easter Blessings

Happy Chocolate Coma day! I hope you all had a beautiful and blessed Easter! 

Yesterday was a fabulously beautiful day. We had a wonderful Communion service at Church. The sermon yesterday really spoke to me. Pastor Rob's main point was Whom Are You Looking For? Like Mary Magdalene, who was so focused on finding Jesus that she almost missed him assuming him to be a gardener, we come to Church often searching for Jesus, but Jesus already has us in the palm of his hands. He knows us by name. He walks in our lives everyday. He suffered our sins and conquered death to sit with God in Heaven and he lives. Amen!

After Church, we headed to Matt's moms house for brunch. It is always so fun to spend time with the Boeckman clan! Mason and Ellie got to play with their cousins and the bigger kids hid Easter eggs for the little ones.
Ellie is a super competitive little lady and a MASTER egg hunter. That girl does not mess around. She puts her basket at one central point and RUNS to all of the eggs she can find, piles them into her arms and carries the entire handful back to her basket.
Mason is definitely a Ferdinand the Bull. He follows rules, he takes his time and he does things exactly how they should be done and he stops to pick dandelions along the way.
I love watching their personalities blossoming as they get older.
Mason, calmly and orderly collecting his eggs.

Ellie, with her arms full and her feet carrying her as fast as possible back to her basket.
After brunch we headed to lunch with my Parents, Grandparents, Eddie and Nikki, Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. I ate so much food in a terribly short amount of time. Both of our families definitely know how to cook!
The kids enjoyed another Easter egg hunt, bringing the total up to four this last weekend. They got so many eggs and had so much fun hunting them and sorting them. In fact last night as the kids and Matt were sorting the eggs and different candies, Mason said "This is the most fun in my life!" It really is the little things folks.

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey
Today, on this Grateful Heart Monday, I am so thankful for Mason and Ellie being able to spend this time with their Grandparents and Great-Grandparents. I am very, very close to my Grandparents and I am so glad my kids have an opportunity to be close to their Grandparents as well. Living near our Parents and Grandparents has been a huge blessing for Matt and I as well. There is always someone close by who can, and will, drop whatever they are doing if we need anything. It really does take a village to raise a family, and we have a huge village, support system and cheering section. Thank you dear, sweet family. We love you!!

We are gearing up for a super busy season in our lives. This week starts the beginning of my weekly doctors appointments, Mason has soccer on Wednesdays and Saturdays, I have a couple meetings at Church the next two weeks and my mom and I are serving lunch at the Ken Locke adult housing apartments this weekend. Mason has school pictures this week, and goes to preschool Tuesdays and Thursdays. I also babysit Tuesday-Thursday, a six month old, and provide before and after school care for my best friends daughter. Mason's birthday is the 24th, and I still need to do some shopping for his Thomas the Train party. I also would like to squeeze in a pedicure and some last minute shopping for a few hospital essentials. This last month of my pregnancy is going to FLY by and we will be holding a sweet baby girl in our arms before we can blink. I am trying to take life a few minutes at a time and not be overwhelmed. I am trying to enjoy the last few weeks of my first "normal" pregnancy and soak in the time I have with Mason and Ellie before we completely change the dynamic of our family. I am trying not to compulsively clean our house and let the Littles make messes and just be little for a while longer because life will soon be a blur and I want to slow down and enjoy this last bit of just being a family of four. 

All My Love, 


  1. What a wonderful Easter!! Man oh man, reading all that's coming up makes me tired. LOL!

  2. oh my gosh, Meg, this month IS going to fly for you guys!! I'm so excited for you!! :) Praying for rest and energy!!

    "This is the most fun in my life" - I said that very same thing on Sunday while eating chocolate chip waffles ;) Love it!

  3. that top picture of Mason and Ellie, I am DYING. What an awesome weekend with family, and I'm so excited for you guys and all the fun changes coming!


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