Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday reflection.

This week has been crazy.
Mason was on Spring Break this week and he doesn't do well with routine changes and neither kiddo has felt well all week, so this has led to lots of fighting and tears. 
We did squeeze in some fun, like a picnic at the park and a trip to the movie theatre to see Home. It was a really cute movie and both kids sat through the entire thing, although Ellie ate way too much popcorn and SweetTarts and drank way too much orange soda and got sick into the empty popcorn bucket. We have been "those people" all week. All of our tantrums, epidsodes and my mommy fails have really helped me reflect on Holy Week. I have been so, so stressed, but then I think of how Jesus must have felt walking toward his impending death. My week hasn't been that tough. 
Christ died for me, so that I may be whole and healed. He made the ultimate sacrifice for my sins. God gave his only son for my life. I think of Mary today. I imagine her anguish watching her child be tortured, shamed, humiliated and hung on a cross. It makes me weep with her, for her. My own struggles are nothing. Thanks be to God. 

All My Love,


  1. beautiful Meg! Happy holy week and hopefully next week is a little better (:

  2. Oh man! I hope this week turns out to be a little less stressful :)


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