Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kitchen Remodel for UNDER $130

So when we bought our house in 2013 we knew that we would need to do some work to our kitchen. Check out these photos from our realtor.

The beadboard around the bottom was painted navy blue friends. Who does that to perfectly good beadboard in a 1930's house?! The top of the kitchen was a dirty yellow beige.

Here is our kitchen in all of its glory before we moved in. I don't even want to talk about the horrible tile they have as a counter top. I am so thankful to have a husband who is as handy as he is smart. Matt is pouring me concrete countertops to round out our kitchen project!

Here is our kitchen as of Friday evening. Matt was in such a hurry to get started that I didn't get any good before pictures without the tornado of junk and cabinets already missing.

Our refrigerator literally had artwork falling off of it. Mason knows that when he brings home art from school, I will hang it up on the fridge, but lately he's been putting EVERYTHING onto the fridge. I found a piece of notebook paper with one Thomas sticker on the back hung up in that mess. My next project will be a place for Mason and Ellie to proudly display their art without wading through paper to get my coffee creamer out in the morning. In fact when I cleaned off the fridge to move it, Mason went in to get his cup and he looked at me with such confusion and said, "How do I open this?" You know it's bad when your child can't even recognize the same refrigerator.

We started the project by taking off all of the cabinet doors and marking the hinges, pulls and screws for each one and putting a label on each door corresponding with the correct cabinet.

Nymphadora supervised from the window sill.

My living room was the holding place for all of our kitchen and dining room items. Can you spot the cat? She was not impressed by our mess.

We had 3 big tables set up to house all of our wet cabinet fronts.
We sanded each door and the base of the cabinets with 100 grit sand paper, cleaned up the sanding dust and painted the first coat of primer. We then sanded again, cleaned the cabinets and primed again.

Here is the bottom half of our cabinet bases primed once.
Once we had everything primed twice, we sanded again with 220 grit paper, wiped everything clean and laid our first coat of paint and repeated the process again.

Here is a basic breakdown of what we did: sanded with 100 grit paper, cleaned, primed, sanded with 100 grit paper, cleaned, primed, sanded with 220 grit paper, cleaned, painted, sanded with 220 grit paper, cleaned, final coat of paint.

The primer we used was a sealant, water based primer. We used Dutch Boy cabinet and trim paint in Whispering White.

Here are the final results!

My kitchen is so much brighter! It looks 10x's bigger than before. The best part is that we completely changed the look of our kitchen for UNDER $130!
Paint and Primer: $60 both purchased at Menards
New décor: $50 worth of Hobby Lobby finds
New rug: $14(marked down from $49.99 at Kohls, plus I had an extra 20% off)
$124 total.

I replaced the gold hardware on our glass front cabinets with these pulls from Hobby Lobby and I am obsessed!!

I also put our 8 boxes of cereal into this cute basket for the top of our fridge and then kicked myself for not thinking of this sooner!

I LOVE my pressed copper ceiling and the top of my cabinet décor.

I also have a Pyrex obsession. The Early American pattern has a cat on it people.

So again, here is a recap:
BEFORE                                                                                AFTER

I can't wait to get my new concrete counter tops to finish out this project!

All My Love,


  1. I am OBSESSING over your kitchen!!! Come do mine please :)

    1. Thank you doll!!! I can be there by tomorrow morning ;)

  2. Hi Meg, I just stumbled across your blog, your kitchen is awesome! Huge improvement for that amount of money! I would LOVE to have concrete countertops, looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

    1. Hi Kelly! Thank you!!
      I have been seeing the stained concrete counters on Pinterest and I finally decided to beg my engineer husband to do them! I am hoping to have them in by summer :)
      Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Meg your relators done a good job ! It is the beautiful example of old & new combination for kitchen molding, replacement of gold hardware and early American pattern gives vintage looks to your kitchen that makes it more beautiful.

  4. Wow! That is just about right. The more you can lessen the cost of remodeling, the better. It's the whole basic principle of getting more bang for the buck. You just have to make sure that the functional elements of the remodeling, such as the piping and drainage, are calibrated, well enough to prevent water spillage and clogs. Anyway, thanks for sharing that! Kudos and all the best to you!

    Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing

  5. It’s nice to see the things that innovation can make possible nowadays. Anyway, it’s a good idea to always try to maximize the resources and the labor force that you have, so that the finished kitchen will fit your allotted budget, while still managing to increase the value of the property. Good luck!

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

  6. Wow! A kitchen renovation that only costs less than $130 is amazing. I like how your secret of the success of it is being resourceful and maximizing the use of the things that you already have. A clean beautiful kitchen seems to be attractive in the eyes, and I'm glad that you nailed yours. Thanks for sharing that, Kelly! Kudos and all the best to you!

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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