Friday, March 20, 2015

5 Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy

I'm going to share a little secret with you all...I have a bad habit of not watching shows when they first come out, so I haven't seen Modern Family. I KNOW! Where have I been?! And let me tell you how hard I am kicking myself for not watching this show sooner, because Cam is my spirit animal. 
This is all of me, especially this one lately:

I am blaming my third trimester hormones for this last one. I have been so emotional lately. I am trying to remember that the hormones will stabilize after the baby is here and I shouldn't be crazy, but it's tough friends. I take things super personally when I'm not pregnant, so everything is amplified by 1,000 now. 
I also haven't been sleeping well, and that doesn't help. 
Which brings me to my next point, 

5 Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy:
1. You will lose your mind. I wish I was kidding, but between pregnancy brain{which is so, so real} and hormones making you happy, mad, sad, and every shade of emotion in between, your brain will be a useless puddle. 

2. You will develop weird skin issues that you never had before. With Mason, I had awful acne. With Ellie, I had this weird bump that would develop on my eyelid and then go away only to reappear the next week. With this Little, I have rashes that come and go on my legs. Hooray! 

3. You might not crave crazy things like pickles and ice cream, but there will come a day when you absolutely NEED Chinese food and if you don't get it, it will become all you think about and it will haunt your dreams at night. Husbands, if your wife ever says, "do you know what sounds good?", you listen and make it happen. Remember number 1? She's crazy already, just get her whatever sounds good, don't ask questions and rub her feet for good measure. 

4. You will be exhausted by 3pm. You will feel great all day and you will find yourself thinking "This is so easy! Why do people complain?? I can do EVERYTHING I did before I was pregnant!" This is a lie that your crazy brain is telling you. By 3pm you will have realized that dragging 3 kids to the grocery store, organizinging the pantry, mopping all of the floors and having a dance party with those same three children was the worst mistake of your life. I could tell you to take it easy, but you're a mom, that's not real life folks. 

5. It is WORTH IT. It is worth every moment of struggle. No pregnancy lasts forever. You WILL feel normal again, I promise! Just hang on and warn everyone that you love to be extra nice, because you have mush brain, Chinese food haunting your dreams and the urge to clean everything you own while simultaneously napping. 

All My Love, 


  1. I am laughing hysterically at these and thinking, "Oh God..." LOL!! I'm like you - I haven't watched much of Modern Family but when I do catch the episodes, I absolutely love Cam. Happy Friday chica!

  2. OHhhh girl! Praying for you right now- but at least you have Cam to pull you through! Have you gotten to the Costco episode yet?? It's one of my all time favs : "Costco's just like me - big, not too fancy, and I dare ya not to love us" !

  3. I just went on a whole rant about why people should never complain about their pregnancy symptoms lol...but these really do sound complain-worthy. So nervous for pregnancy brain!


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