Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nursery progress and an update.

Life has been crazy lately folks. We have been busy with setting up our newest little lady's nursery, finishing household projects, gearing up to paint our kitchen cabinets and juggling our busy schedules. I can't even imagine the chaos once our third precious Little arrives! We are taking life one day at a time around here.

It finally snowed on Monday and my Littles were in toddler heaven! They both received sleds for Christmas and they have been dying to use them. Unfortunately the snow was too powdery to sled on our hill, so they had to sled on the icy driveway, but luckily they didn't know the difference and thought it was the best thing ever. I had to bribe them inside with hot cocoa and now they won't stop asking about sledding AND cocoa.

We{read, I, love you dear husband, but to be fair, he did a lot of prep and cleaning} got the nursery painting finished last Friday evening and we have been working on getting all of the baby items out of storage and cleaned.

This is our finished paint job. It's a little dark in this photo since I didn't finish painting until almost 11PM. I LOVE the way it turned out!! The nursery will be Mason's room once our littlest nugget is big enough{sleeping through the night} to share the bigger room with Eleanor, so I only wanted to paint it once. I was looking for a storm cloud grey, and I think it turned out beautiful. Perfect for our Jenny Lind white crib and baby items, and perfect for a big boy with blue and red accents. I hate spending a fortune on paint, so I am so glad to have found this color at Menards. It is Volcanic Ash by Dutch Boy and it was only $19.98 per gallon! We used almost one gallon of white for the trim, middle stripe, bedroom and closet doors and all of the doors and trim in all of the upstairs rooms/bathroom, and one gallon of the Volcanic Ash.
Painting trim and edging was a nightmare, but it's finished, and I love the results.

Also, I finally had a few free minutes yesterday and got our sweet lady's blanket finished! I fell in love with these fabrics and they were 70% off at JoAnn's. Wins all around.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday{ALREADY, yikes} and we had a lovely communion service. This year, I have been thinking about what Lent really means and I have decided that not only in the Lenten season, but for the rest of the year, I will be deactivating my Facebook. One of my New Years goals was to be more present, and one of my Lenten goals is to spend more time in prayer, so Facebook has to go. I am striving for Grace and a more personal relationship with everyone in my life. Don't be creeped out if I ask for your telephone number, I may be texting you since I won't see your Facebook updates :)

All My Love,


  1. I love love love that color!!! Come paint my room pleeeaassseeee?? Hunter and I were just talking about Lent last night and what it means to us too. You've got my number so feel free to text anytime :)

    1. 💚💚💚
      Girl, I HATE painting, but it had to be done, hahaha!
      I will be texting you and blogging more for sure as I adjust to the lack of social media :)
      Love you beautiful girl!

  2. good looking room!

    i deleted the Fb app from my phone. i don't even miss wasting 45 minutes a day on the damn thing.

    loving it.


    1. Dane, I miss you and that beautiful wife of yours like crazy!
      I couldn't handle Facebook anymore. Too many people I barely know "liking" my posts and not enough people I am actually friends with keeping in any kind of real contact.
      Prepare for texts.

  3. I LOVE that blanket you made!! (Will you be taking orders in the future?!) :) So pretty. I'm so excited for you guys, Meg!

    1. Thanks love!
      For you I totally will!
      Let me know when you'll need them ;) but for realz, I would love to make them to order.

  4. The nursery!! LOVE the color! SO glad the littles finally got their snow!!

    Can no facebook mean more blog posts so we can keep up with you and the littles? (:

    I gave up all social media for our church's fast and it was actually life changing. I didn't realize how much time, emotion, energy I was putting into it. And crazy how much negativity was gone once social media was gone... I'm trying to just get on once/week now. Excited to hear how this goes!

    1. Thanks love!!! I am so bad at paint colors and I am so pleased with how it turned out!

      Oh my gosh, they were PUMPED!

      I am going to try SUPER hard to blog more! Sometimes lately it is tough because we have been doing the same things over and over. I am ready for Spring!

      The negativity is a huge part of why I have taken a step back! Facebook breeds evil, I swear.


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