Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Kindness Elf

If everyone else's Thanksgivings were anything like mine, you are probably rolling around on the floor like the Blueberry girl from Willy Wonka. We had so much good food and so much fun family time!

Yesterday was our Church's 180th Birthday celebration! First Presbyterian Church has been around a long time and it was so neat to hear so much about our Church home. My great, great grandpa, A.B. Jackson, was the Pastor at First Presbyterian for 26 years. I am the 5th generation, making Mason and Ellie the 6th generation, which is pretty awesome. I was asked to speak a little about my great, great grandpa, which was a little tough because he was a pretty extraordinary man. He wrote a journal of sorts and I had the opportunity to read it in preparation for the celebration. If he was half as funny in life as he was on paper, we would have been good friends.

Yesterday also marked the beginning of Advent. I love this time of year. There is so much joy and hope. Since Advent started yesterday, Elfie, our Kindness Elf arrived today.
I love the general idea of the Elf of the Shelf, but I hate that there is usually a mess or some kind of mischief involved. I am trying to get my Littles to NOT play with toilet paper or cover my kitchen in flour. We chose to have our elf encourage acts of kindness to others instead.

Today we had a special welcome breakfast for Elfie.

Elfie also brought Mason and Ellie an ornament to hang on our tree. Mason's was a train and Ellie's was a cupcake. 

This afternoon we are going to pick out some toys to donate as our act of kindness for today. 

Mason is really starting to understand this whole Christmas thing and it is so exciting to watch his eyes light up. He LOVES Christmas songs. They have been practicing new twists on classic carols at school and we have his Christmas program December 19th. 

I am so excited to continue our acts of kindness and countdown this Christmas season with these nuggets!



  1. I love the idea of a Kindness elf!
    We use the elf on the shelf as a "Your pushing towards the naughty list, so Santa sent THIS guy to watch you" - No real mischief - just lots of SPYING!

    1. Thanks girlie!! Mason gets really excited to find Elfie in the mornings, but by mid afternoon I have to remind him that he's here and he's reporting back to Santa, haha!


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