Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Geese and things.

You know you live in Missouri when on Monday it is 70 degrees and sunny and Tuesday it is 35 degrees and rainy. Pick a season already dear state of mine! 

Yesterday since it was beautiful, we went to play at the park and feed the geese. Fun fact: migratory birds are super hungry in November. We ran out of bread at an alarming rate and had to flee as geese started swarming us like a terrifying bird gang. 
We had fun on the playground though.

Mason also had a dentist appointment yesterday morning. He did awesome and got a fabulous report! I was a proud mama. 

I had a doctor appointment this morning and afterward, my mom in law came over to hang out with Ellie so I could finish up the Littles Christmas shopping! We have really been working with Ellie on potty training lately and Lucy called while I was out so Ellie could tell me that she used the potty. She's getting so big! Thanks Lucy for watching Ellie today! 

Mason had his weekly lunch date with my mom after preschool. He is a lucky boy to get so much time with his grandparents. Thanks mom for taking him to "chick a leg" wven if it's the 89th time! 

We have a busy week ahead of us. Matt is going out of town tomorrow until Friday and deer season opens this weekend. I am ready! 

I want to wish all of our service men and women a huge thank you for sacrificing so much of yourselves and your families so my family can be free. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
I hope you all have a warm, safe, joyful week friends. 


  1. Geese are crazy - and they can be ridiculously aggressive - I've been chased - It's a story that still chills me. PTSD - I swear!

    And - the weather is insane - 30/40 in the mornings and between 50 & 70 in the afternoons - How does one dress? Grar.

    1. I was trying so hard not to panic and cause both kids to panic too. Geese are so crazy!
      I stuck with lots of layers last week, but this week we have an inch of snow on the ground and highs in the 20's, so wearing everything I own has become necessary, haha!


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