Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thrift Store Saturday #8

We had an absolutely gorgeous day today. It was mostly sunny and 72 degrees. Perfection. We opened the windows, I put Fall scents in my Scentsy burners and I made a giant pot of chili for dinner. The Fall decor is coming out this week. I just can't wait a minute longer. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!
This is my very favorite scent for Fall. 

I thought that I would take a break this weekend from blogging while this was happening
but I just couldn't stay away!

This morning Matt and my dad were working really hard on the bathroom, so I got the Littles ready and we went on an adventure to try to find a bathroom mirror to redo. We went to Salvation Army and Goodwill and although I didn't find the mirror{I actually found no mirrors at all, womp womp}, I found a ton of other goodies! We tried SA first. I found an adorable pair of glittery shoes for Princess Baby, a cute pair of shoes for myself, a rustic fabric pumpkin decoration and two espresso wall shelves in perfect condition!

I spent $10.
Our next stop was Goodwill, which was packed. We had to park in the alley behind the store. At this point Mason and Ellie were getting tired and hungry, so I was a little pressed for time. I ended up finding a pair of Steve Madden oxford flats, the exact Target bag I have been eyeing for two weeks, a beautiful red tote, an adorable sit around about Gratitude, two rustic brooms for my front porch Halloween decor, and a witch's hat for my costume this year.
This is perfect for our playroom!

I have been looking for simple shelves for our downstairs bathroom, so these are perfect!

My beautiful bags! The beige bag is my Target bargain!
I LOVE these. I have a pair just like this in a cream color. These are PERFECT for Fall!

I spent $21 at Goodwill.
My Target bag still has the tags on it. It retailed for $39.99. I picked this baby up for $3!!
One more shot of my bag. Please ignore the vacuum in the background, I was attempting to clean up the layer of brick dust that has formed on every surface of my home. 

Tomorrow brings church, breakfast and an enormous amount of chores, including painting our front door.. One of these days we will have our home exactly how we want it, but for now, we forge on with home improvement projects.

How have you been thrifty this week?
What was your biggest home improvement adventure?

All My Love,


  1. I love thrift store finds. Two halloweens ago I was a pregnant barbie... I found PERFECT barbie shoes at goodwill for $7... turns out they were designer.

    1. That is amazing!! There is nothing more gratifying than scoring an amazing bargain, hahahaha! Also, I love the pregnant barbie costume!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks girly!! When she told me my Target bag was $3 I giggled out loud. She probably thought I was insane...

  3. I'm going to hire you to do all of my shopping for me because you clearly know how to snag those deals girl lol!

    1. A lot of my thrifting is pure luck. I just happened to be in the right places this weekend!

  4. I love thrifty finds! :)

    And PUMPKIN EVERYTHING - Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin *dances*


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