Friday, August 22, 2014

Shotty wireless has been defeated!

Ah, my dear blog land, I have missed you so very dearly! We finally have {decent}internet!! It has only taken us 3 months to get it figured out, but here I sit comfortably across the room and not huddled next to the router to get any type of signal. Summer has absolutely FLOWN by and I have been so disconnected from all of you. I have so much to catch up on!

I must first confess to you all that this summer has been rough on my diet. We have been dealing with a lot of negativity and personal issues within our extended family and it has really caused an enormous amount of stress. I haven't gained any weight(thank you Dane Brown-for keeping my workouts going and inspiring me not to be a total lazy jerk, ThermoFit and Fat Fighters!), but I just feel gross. This last week I finally decided that my health and happiness, as well as the health and happiness of my familiy, is so much more important than trying to fix something that is permanently broken. Having accepted that I can only control my own behavior and no one elses and deciding that I care very little for what these particular individuals think of me, I have kicked my eating back into gear and I am feeling so.much.better. already. It is amazing to me how much eating well can make such a HUGE difference.

That being said, I have so much to share with you!! We have done so many things this summer and since I don't think I can possibly squeeze it all in, I will give you the short version - It was awesome.
We vacationed in Chicago, celebrated a wedding, went floating, camping, swimming, played outside, enjoyed the fabulous and uncharacteristically cool weather, reconnected, grilled, and spent so much time together making memories.

Mason has started Preschool and he LOVES it. We were so concerned about his listening skills, but he only has a few other kiddos in his class and we have heard nothing but awesome reports from both of his teachers! He loves helping his teacher, Mrs. Mandy, and his favorite activities so far have been playing in shaving cream, painting and playing in the gym. I am so thankful!
Ellie is following in her headstrong brothers footsteps and is definitely declaring her independence. My sweet buggy has moved on to bigger and better things, like jumping from the ottoman to the couch, having full conversations with me about kitties and singing and dancing exceptionally well to Frozen's Let It Go. My snuggles are becoming rare. The baby itch has started.

Matt has had a busy summer at work and he is looking to have a busy Fall as well. I am so thankful to have a husband who makes time for us, regardless of how many hours he has put in at work. I probably don't tell him that enough, so Matty, thanks for being a kick ass provider, father, and husband!

In July, Addy joined us during the day, so I have my hands full during the day with a three year old and two almost two year olds. I also have my friend Sheri's oldest, Addison, before and after school. We are two weeks into our new schedule and everyone is adjusting pretty well so far.

Last weekend, my two best friends were both in town for the first time since Christmas and we got to spend an ENTIRE day together. We consumed a gross amount of calories and burned it all off laughing. I never laugh as much as I do when we're together. It was definitely needed.
This weekend I am headed to the Lake for a Girls Weekend with a huge group of super fun ladies, including my bestie Sheri, and I am pretty excited. Two weekends in a row filled with laughter and friends is just what the doctor ordered for my soul.

We are also planning to re-tile our shower in the next few weeks, so home reno tips are so appreciated! I'm looking at you Lindsay @ Broke and Bougie.

I cannot wait for next week! I have new posts planned, including a workout from my friend Dane Brown, some new recipes to share, and a recap of our Girls Weekend. I am so glad to be back!
All My Love, 


  1. Welcome back!

    What an amazing recap of your time away! I MISSED YOU!
    Yay for your little man at Pre-K. Such fun!
    And your lil' girl and the talks about kitties - super cute!


    1. Thanks doll!!!! I am so glad to be back!
      Have an amazing weekend!!!

  2. MEG HOORAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOSOSOSO HAPPY!!! AND my dad and I tiled our was an adventure hahaaaa! I'll see if I can come up with a tutorial (:

    Can't wait to see/hear about everything else going on! Mason in preschool! Thank goodness for instagram so I knew! hahha!

    1. Hahaha!! I have a feeling this shower redo will be an adventure for sure. We are going to have to take down all of the tile and the wall behind it to replace it{thank you water damage}.

      I am so, so glad I have instagram. I hope you could feel my love each time I "liked" a photo you posted ;)

  3. I am sooooo happy you're back!!! You had quite the summer, whoa! Looking forward to catching up with you more next week via blogland! :)

    1. I am so glad to be back!!! I can't wait to catch up with you sweets!

  4. Welcome back sweet friend!!!!! We've missed you terribly terribly!!! Can't wait to catch up with ya next week :)

  5. You're back! You're back! You're back!! Happy dance goin' on over here!

    1. I am so glad to be back! The nice man who installed our new internet probably thought I was crazy because I was so excited about his arrival, hahaha!! Missed you lady!!


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