Monday, July 7, 2014

(An almost bursting) Grateful Heart

It has been the craziest two weeks of my life. We have been going nonstop and we have welcomed both a sweet toddler and a puppy into our lives the last two weeks. Addysin will be with us Wednesday-Friday and sometimes full weeks. She is just precious! She is 19 months and I know her and Ellie will be good friends. At the park last week a sweet lady kept insisting they were twins.

This past weekend while we were camping we stumbled upon this sweet girl. This is Hattie!
She's a 10 week old lab mix and she is incredibly smart already, but like everyone else in this family, she is stubborn. 
We were not in the market for a puppy and I have never trained a puppy so help please!!????!!! She is so sweet, but she is a whiner at night and this mama is exhausted already. 

I am so thankful today for all of our opportunities!! We spent last weekend in Chicago which was amazing. 
We had amazing weather! We went to Shedd Aquarium and then walked to Navy Pier for lunch. We had an amazing time! The kiddos did fantastic! Very little napping happened, but they were troopers. The wedding was beautiful! I will have a full recap soon! 

I am so thankful for my family. We had a great camping trip this weekend and I could not love them any more than I already do. We went swimming, roasted marshmallows and day drank. Those are just a few of my favorite things. I even squeezed a run in! Plus I got to talk wedding plans with my soon to be sister-in-law. Who doesn't love all things wedding?!? 
This weekend we are dress shopping for her and I cannot wait! 

My heart is so grateful this morning! We have been so busy, but I wouldn't trade any of these memories. Thank you to Emily at Ember Grey blog for reminding me weekly that I am so, so lucky.

Ember Grey
What are you grateful for today?! 
Do you have any puppy training tips?!

All My Love, 


  1. Ok this is such a happy post and I can't stop smiling! And I just want to hug that little puppy!!! Does she sleep in a crate at night? That has helped some of my friends' dogs. Andi won't sleep unless she has her blanket which used to be on my bed so it smells like me. Dogs are so weird!

  2. My heart just absolutely melted over this post! Yay for wonderful things! And that pup - presh! I agree with Lindsay - we used an old t-shirt or blanket that smells like us to keep Jep company and calm. Granted, I spoiled Jep BAD and babied him entirely too much haha!

  3. :) Look at the sweet puppy! Awwwww!!!!

    And your children are adorable!

    I'm glad you had such an amazing weekend!

    These "grateful heart" posts make me smile!

    1. Hey lady! I miss you.. I hope all is well...
      I think you are awesome.. These Grateful Heart posts are so heart warming, and really cause me to reflect on my own heart.

      So thus, I've nominated you.. for a Liebster Award

  4. Awwww ... Hattie is precious and your kids are adorable! Such an uplifting post! Have a great week!

  5. oh my gosh that puppy!!! She is so darling! :) You certainly have your hands full, lady! I'm SO glad you guys had a great time in Chicago! And it sounds like commuting with your babes went smoothly. Can't wait for the full recap!

  6. I have no helpful puppy training tips, other than be consistent! She is a beautiful puppy :) Hooray for wonderful weekends!

  7. Labs are such wonderful dogs!! Especially with children. We have had three and couldn't not think a more perfect dog. They are so smart and dumb all at the same time, lol!


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