Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The art of leftovers + GIVEAWAY

We have been super busy lately, so I have completely mastered the art of leftovers. You can take anything and throw in some spinach and eggs and BAM breakfast of champions!
This is leftover porksteak and grilled veggies.
I ate this on a bed of spinach.

On this clean eating journey, I have had to get pretty creative and really step outside of my comfort zone. I mean, pancakes and toast = breakfast in my world. 
Making the switch to green veggies and protein for breakfast can get a little boring and time consuming. 
Having clean leftovers makes breakfast so much easier!
This morning I tossed some turkey taco filling, red onion and spinach together with some eggs and clean salsa. It was delicious! Don't let the "it's not breakfast food" thoughts get you down. Anything can be breakfast! 

Speaking of stepping outside of my comfort zone, Matt and I are working really hard to be debt free. That is our dream. 
It is not an easy dream in this world today when there is so much pressure to own things and so much value and self worth put on stuff. 
It is a big dream, but it is possible and I am so excited to work towards our goal! 

I had a meeting last night, so I wasn't home to make dinner, but tonight I have Ropa Vieja in the crockpot, so tomorrow, there will be a recipe!

There is still time to ENTER TO WIN A BODY WRAP!!

All My Love, 


  1. I seriously can't even look at those pictures. I am going vegan - yep for realz - for the month of June. I miss bacon already.

    1. Whaaaat?! Girl, that is so impressive!!
      I apologize in advance for the insane amount of meat pictures that will be happening this week.

  2. My stomach is growling ferociously looking at this. LOL! Meg that is such an awesome dream and goal to be debt free! Hunter and I are trying our hardest to do the same - we're in this togetha lol!

    1. Thanks sweets!! It kind of makes me a little nauseous to own that statement and put it out there, because it is a big goal. First student loans and then our mortgage!
      When we're debt free we'll have to plan a bloggy vacation and meet somewhere beautiful to celebrate!

  3. :) I love using leftovers into new dishes! We do not allow things to go bad at home, they must be used! Hahaha!

    And Debt Free is an amazing dream! It's mine too... now, to get this mortgage out of the way! haha

    1. I used to HATE leftovers. I don't know why. I was crazy. Leftovers are the best!
      I am pumped to start working hard toward this goal!

  4. I love leftovers! :) This breakfast looks SO good too... and healthy! I think it's amazing you guys are doing the clean eating thing. My hubby did it for years (so when we started dating, of course I did it.) It's somewhat difficult doing it when you don't eat meat, but I did get used to it as time went by. How we got out of doing it... ugh, no idea! Maybe one of these days we'll get back to true clean eating.

    1. Thanks Em!!
      We are trying so hard to make eating healthy the norm in our house so our kiddos grow up with good habits.
      It's so easy to fall out of clean eating. One ice cream leads to a pizza and before you know it you've downed a bag of Cadbury eggs and and entire bag of Doritos... Or is that just me..? Hahaha!

  5. Remember that time you lost 70 lbs? Going debt free should be a walk in the park after that right? haha


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