Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Procrastination Station

I have laundry, packing and cleaning to finish, so naturally I am blogging instead. Thanks Liz @Fitness Blondie for being a beautiful enabler to my procrastination today <3 
The Hump Day Blog Hop
Last night my dear friend Sheri gave me a beautiful new haircut!
I also had some pretty fantastic almond milk ice cream and I still ended the day with unused calories! And I am also wearing a cat shirt in this photo.. So many favorite things!

This morning I ran again at 6:30. That might be my sweet spot time. It's not so early that I'm dying and not too late to where the humidity chokes me like I'm jogging through a swimming pool. Y'all, Missouri heat is awful.

I am finally drinking my coffee and trying to gear myself up to finish the 17 things left on my list. Why is it easier to motivate myself to run than to do the laundry?!

There are only 5 days left to join my ItWorks team for a chance to earn the $10,000 g.o.o.d (get out of debt) bonus. I am loving my team so far!! We are bound for great things!!! If you have been thinking about this opportunity, now is the time. Let's do this together!
I am also running low on my "crazy wrap things". I can't keep them on hand! I am ordering more today. 

All My Love,


  1. packing is the worst- wait no UNPACKING is the worst. Loving your hair and WHERE did you get almond milk ice cream?? GIMME!!! Have so much fun on your trip!

    1. Dear God, I do not even want to think about unpacking. Ughhhh...
      I found it in the natural foods section of Kroger! I was so excited! And it's under 500 calories for the entire pint! Not too shabby!

  2. Your hair is so so cute! I need to find the time to run... I just keep coming up with excuses!

    Happy Wednesday sweet girl :)

  3. I need to have that ice cream! Looking for it asap! Love the haircut too :)

  4. I have been meaning to try the SO Delicious ice cream products for a while now. Your picture of that chocolate one is making me hungry. LOL! Visiting from Hump Day Blog Hop.

  5. Your haircut is BEAUTIFUL!

    And I agree with Lindsay - unpacking is the worst... I hate unpacking.. more than I hate packing... AND EVEN MORE THAN I HATE REPACKING BEFORE YOU GO HOME! Ha!

    ooooh almond milk ice cream. The devil you say! Was it TASTY?!?!?!

    I'm back, after Emry BROKE HIS FINGERS.. **SIGHS**


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