Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hump Day Confessions

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Today I must confess that if we don't get our internet sitch figured out pretty swiftly, I am going to lose my mind. 

I must confess that I went 4 days without washing my hair. Usually I stick with a solid two. Gross.

I must confess that I can't stand when people rub their religion in my face. I love God, Jesus is my friend, but I can't stand holier than thou people. There is a difference between sharing your religion and using it as an excuse to be snotty. Jesus doesn't appreciate your tone. People should take a lesson from my dear Kelly @ Southern Komfort Blog. 

I must confess that I wouldn't have made it through this week without my Confianza. It has been one thing after another round here. 

I must confess that we have been outside the last two days and I am soaking up as much sun and doing as little laundry as possible since it is supposed to rain the next few days.

I must confess that I don't understand why people ask me questions that they don't actually want me to answer. 

I must confess that I am so close to promoting that I can taste it. I am trying to not be pushy, but I love my company and our products and I tend to overwhelm people. 

What are your Hump Day Confessions?!

All My Love,


  1. I totally hear you with the "why people ask me questions they don't want the answer to"

    If you do not want my opinion, don't ask for it.. and don't get upset if you don't LIKE my opinion. *sighs*

    Tell me about this business... I can't lie.. I'm interested.

  2. That pool picture = THE BEST! So cute!!

  3. I absolutely just love you! I completely agree with you - there's absolutely no problem in what you believe in and even sharing that. But it's the class that makes the difference. Just yesterday I was having a very very deep conversation with a woman I love so so much (her children are part of our youth) and we were discussing the differences in our faith, but with so much love and respect in our conversation. You're an awesome friend in my life Meg and I thank God every day for you!

    1. <3 Oh my goodness, it's so true!!
      You are such a great friend sweet girl! I am so glad we "met"!!

  4. Yaaas Jesus didn't push his religion in people's faces or act holier than thou so there!

    Also welcome to my world- I wash my hair once a week and I loooove it.

    1. True story!! Jesus would not be impressed with that attitude.

      I am usually good for 2 days, but 4 was pushing it for me. I have the strangest texture hair that has ever been grown on a persons head. It's fine and thick and half curly, half puffy and the back left side grows faster than the rest. It even bewilders my hair dresser.


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