Monday, June 16, 2014

Grateful Heart Monday

Ember Grey.
I have been so incredibly blessed the last few weeks and I am so, so thankful for so many things. Today I have visual aids for your enjoyment. 
I am thankful for Target clearance items.
I have been eyeing the colored mason jar glasses for a while and I found them on clearance yesterday!! 
I am thankful for my business. I literally get to make people feel FABULOUS for a living! This is my dream job.

I am thankful for my fat fighters because my mom made a huge, amazing surf and turf Fathers Day dinner last night. Complete with an ice cream sandwich cake....

I am thankful for snail mail which brought me awesome gifts all the way from Japan from my very best foo dogg.
Yes, that would be a cat fan.
Today I am most thankful for this man, for being the best husband and father. He works so hard and never misses a single moment with our Littles. I love him with my entire soul.

I hope you have had the best Monday!!!!

All My Love, 


  1. Oh, I love visual aids!! And I love that you love your job. I want to hear more about this (aka: I need to spend some time this week researching and reading past posts of yours!!!) What a sweet picture of you with your little fam! And btw- your hair is SO cute!

    1. Thanks Em!!!
      I just started with ItWorks in May and I am already seeing amazing things happening in my life. I have big goals!!
      Thank you! I love the short hair for summer!!

  2. :) This post made me smile... And the pictures really help me out too.. Hahahaha.

    Your family is beautiful.
    And so is your soul.

  3. Yayy my heart is smiling reading this! and lovelove your hair!!

    1. Thanks girlie!!!! I am going for as low maintenance as possible.

  4. You definitely are a blessed woman! I love this and just seeing how God has given you so much in your life. Happy Thursday :)


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