Saturday, May 3, 2014

Thrift Store Saturday #7

Today I finally went grocery shopping. I don't think I have ever been more excited to come home and put away groceries. We were out of everything. 
I love Aldi. They have really stepped up their game lately and I was able to buy everything on my list and not make a second stop to finish my shopping. 

Since today is Saturday and I have been severely slacking in my thrifting, I made a trip to Good will this morning.
I did pretty well today!

Banana Republic Dress

Some people might be icked out, but I am totally digging this swimsuit combo!! The bottoms were new with tags, so I was pretty okay with this purchase. 
I have no Hello Kitty shame. This baby was 2.99, originally $35!

I LOVE this candlestick! {Not so}Funny story, immediately after I arrived home with my Goodwill scores, I set the bag down on the counter and since I don't know my hulk like strength, I BROKE it! I was so mad! Luckily, I have a glue gun. It's good as new. 

Purchase Breakdown:
Banana Republic dress
Soffee workout shorts
3 workout tanks
iphone case- Hello Kitty!! 
fantastic candlestick{that I broke, but fixed!}

And since it is my Birthday month and I have 0 shame about anything, I am leaving the Happy Birthday banner up alongside my fabulous new candlestick. 
How was your Saturday?

All My Love, 


  1. This all looks awesome! I love that candlestick, dress and bathing suit! Also I really need to try out Aldi, there is one near my new house and I didn't even know what it was haha

  2. I love thrift store shopping but I never find half as awesome stuff as you!! Nice finds. And happy birthday!! :)

  3. :) Thrift, Vintage and Consignment Stores can be AWESOME!!!!!!

    We do a lot of shopping their looking for Garb for our favorite Renaissance and Steampunk activities (yeah, I'm THAT level of dork).


    I love that you celebrate your bday all month long!


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