Thursday, May 29, 2014

Selective Amnesia

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On this GORGEOUS Little Friday, I am realizing that Summer is here and that means a house that is less than presentable at most times.
There are grass clippings dragged in from the shoes of my Littles, me, and my Husband since we are in and out of the house all day. 
There is a perpetual layer of pollen, dust and other particles because I refuse to shut my windows and turn the air on. {Our house was built in a time when they didn't have air conditioning and the breezes we get are unbelievable, sorry visitors.} 
Dusting always falls to the bottom of my to-do list when there is sunshine to be played in and Littles to be snuggled. 
Summer is here and my house is a mess and I am okay with that. If you come to visit, just don't go upstairs...

I have been in the "I just ran a Half Marathon, I can eat EVERYTHING" mindset since Saturday and that has got to stop now. 
It is also exacerbated because I am slowly running out of groceries, but I am going to the farmers market tomorrow, so I just have to make it through one more day!
I have a bunch of recipes that I am dying to try.
Also, THANK YOU friends who have made my {not so}Sinful Almond Butter Brownies, for letting me know how they turned out for you!! 

I still can't believe what a great feeling it was to cross the finish line. To raise my hands to God and thank him. To see my Mom, Husband and Littles waiting for me. To have a great group of ladies rallying behind me. 
Running that Half was a little bit like pregnancy and childbirth, for me at least. It was so painful. There were times when I didn't think I could do it, but when I did the feeling was indescribable. With each moment that passes I think "I could do that again..." when I clearly remember during the race, thinking that I was insane for attempting this. 
What a blessing it is, as a woman, to have that selective amnesia. To do things that we think are impossible. To be brave when we want to turn in fear. To face pain because our reward is so much greater. 
While we are still praying about, possibly, a Little #3, I am also praying about my future as a runner.

Is your house messier in the Summer?

All My Love, 


  1. Crazy Half Marathon Lady! Of COURSE you want to eat everything in sight! I read that is normal after runners do half or full marathons.. your body is like DUDE REPLENISH ME!

    But, I understand when you say it has to stop NOW. :) You'll get back to it.
    I beat myself up all of yesterday about my Tuesday, and you know what.. I woke up this morning at the same weight I was LAST week. So.. Just saying.. I overreacted, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

    Selective Amnesia is what helps us women get through everything. Just remember the good! Hahaha! Everything else just isn't worth the space in your brain!

    OH, my house, in the summer? Well... Not going to lie, my OCD doesn't allow for me to NOT clean, but I do it at nighttime, and not on a weekend (I work during the week), and I make sure that we have enough time to do at least ONE fun thing each weekend day of the summer.

    Cleaning just has to happen though. 3 men, 2 cats and me... It gets helluvadirty.

    1. Absolutely! I definitely drank a lot of the calories I ingested post race.

      Hahahaha! I have learned to just let it be at least until the weekend, otherwise I will literally be cleaning all day every day.

  2. Replies
    1. We have way more strength than even we know, we just have to harness it and let it shine!

  3. Yaaas this just made me feel REAL good about being a woman! Love love!

    I refuse to close the windows too! Harrison got a Nest for our house that he can control from his phone so he can cut on the AC when he's on his way home because he knows there is no way I'll have that on. Mostly because I love having the breeze and fresh air, partly because it saves money haha

    1. I feel like I should send everyone special badges of honor for being awesome ladies.
      I need your address anyway since I have a house warming gift :)

      Oh my gosh, yesssss! Until we are all so sweaty we can't take it, we will not be turning the air on.. No one is impressed with me in my house.

  4. Congrats on your half marathon! It's definitely a HUGE accomplishment! I remember being in that "I can eat everything" mindset too haha. I remember eating a burger larger than my head after mine!

    1. Thank you!!! I am so glad I did it!
      I have eaten so much this week.. it's getting a little ridiculous, haha!!

  5. am i the only one who notices that it is thursday?!

    megan- your blog posts about your 13.1 are very motivating to me. my swim is next saturday, and the way that you talk about not stopping helps put my mind at ease.

    also... i love your blog. except the one about boobs. that was weird for me.

    love you long time-


    1. Dane!! I LOVE that you read my blog.
      Little Friday is our blog link up for Thursday as a way to find other great blogs.
      Sorry about the boob post. I tried to warn you that it was personal!

    2. Also, I am so so so excited to hear about your swim! You will kick those sharks asses.

    3. it was hard. but i beat that swim's ass. i just kept on keeping on! thanks for your love and support.

  6. My house is definitely messier in the Summer, you are not alone on that one! (Sure wish I could blame me eating everything on just having run a marathon but no... I think mine comes from "I WAS eating everything on vacation and now I'm forgetting I'm no longer on vacation.") I truly would love to run one someday though and this post from you is inspiring to do so! I just started running on the treadmill again so perhaps this is my starting off point! ;)

    1. Vacation calories are my favorite kind of calories! So much good food and good memories all rolled into one!
      You can totally do it! If I can do it, literally anyone can. I couldn't even run for a solid minute when I started, so you're already way ahead of where I was!

  7. Oh yes! I'm so glad you likened the half marathon to pregnancy and childbirth. It was a while ago that I ran it but I totally see this upcoming childbirth as something similar and I've been visualizing it as I would the half before I ran! So proud of you. I know, it's totally EATING time after that thing!!! Great job!!

    1. It really is so similar to me. You make these amazing choices and your body does amazing things and they are both something I will be so proud of for the rest of my life. Plus, you forget all of the worst parts and you get to do it all again :)


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