Friday, May 30, 2014

Five for Friday

Today is a beautiful day and I am so thankful for the sunshine, good friends, and family.

I feel like I have a million things going on in my head right now, so todays five for Friday is to get them down "on paper" {ie, blogland}

1. I am helping host a baby shower on Sunday for Pastor Zac and his awesome wife Rudi! I have a billion things that I desperately need to  finish,... The upside is cute decor ideas for you all come next week.

2. We are dog sitting my Parents dog this week while they are on their cruise.{side note: so jelly of all y'all vacationers out there} Ms. Chalupa will be worn out after a week with my Littles.

3. I have been using ItWorks products for the past 5 months and I LOVE the products, so I took the plunge and signed up to be a distributor. I am so excited about sharing the products I love with my friends!

4. Mason starts vacation Bible school this week and that is just one step closer to him being a teenager and hating my guts.

5. I have some great new recipes in the works for next week!

If you made it through, you deserve a medal for diving head first into my muddled, messy brain.

What are your weekend plans? 

Have a great weekend!!!!!
All My Love,


  1. Ok I am SO EXCITED for all your posts next week! I'm curious about ITworks, I know a girl who distributes them here but I always feel like it's a 100% sales pitch so I haven't even considered it!

    1. Girl, I am pumped about this weeks menu!

      I hate sales pitches. I was really hesitant to sign up as a distributor because I hate pushy sales people and a lot of the time that's all they are.
      I freaking love these products. I used them for 5 months before I joined the team. There is so much that I love about them that I can't even shove them into this reply box. I will give you my top 3. 1.they actually work. I lost 2 1/2 inches in my tummy on my first wrap. Since I (try to) eat healthy, I just keep getting better results.
      2. Every product is all natural. There are no chemicals in them at all and that includes their supplements.
      3. They are affordable. I don't have a lot of extra money, and this fits into my budget.
      Pardon the soapbox! I just really believe in the health benefits I have seen in myself.

  2. Yay for new recipes! I'm definitely on the lookout for some new yummy and healthy foods~ can't wait!

  3. Meg, whats your favorite product? I'd be willing to be one of your testers!


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