Thursday, April 17, 2014

Toddler Easter Baskets

Is it just me, or has Easter snuck up on anyone else? It's even late this year, but I feel so behind! I did manage to get the Little's Easter baskets put together though! Matt and I have minimized an enormous amount the past couple of years.

Mason's first Easter was insane! 
This was Mason's First Easter(technically second, he was born on Easter day!)
He was the first child. We panicked. 

This is last Easter and Ellie's First Easter. Much more reasonable than Mason's First Easter. (sorry Ellie!)

Now for my current Toddler Easter Baskets! 

What's in them:
A butterfly net
An Elmo snack container
A pair of fun socks
A set of bathtub crayons
A pair of bunny ears
White chocolate covered pretzels
Easter eggs with Teddy Grahams inside

Easy peasy, practical and the baskets will fit nicely on their bookshelves post-Easter fun.
I am so tired of buying a bunch of stuff and having it strewn all over the house and not actually played with, so I have vowed to stop buying anything that won't be used, or eaten within a reasonable amount of time. 

What do you put in your Easter Baskets??
Do you go overboard? 
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  1. ohmyWORD! Ellie's smile in that flashback picture is too cute! Seems the theme this year was a butterfly net and I'm thinking we need to get one of those for this spring/summer! Thanks for linking up Meg!

    1. She was a total ham at that age. Now we can't get her to smile at all! Thanks for hosting Sarah!! It's a fun link up for sure!

  2. Those baskets are so cute!! I know the littles will love them :)

    1. Thanks love!! I hope they like them. I predict that the very first thing they do is beg to open the pretzels and then eat every Teddy Graham in sight, hahaha!

  3. The first few years, Emry got baskets with healthy snacks.. or Gerber's Fruit Puffs.. things like that. Toys.. yada yada.

    But, now that he's 7... He knows all about the CANDY thing...

    So, we're hiding some eggs around the house/backyard, and I'm honestly considering building him an actual basket.

    I don't want to go over board, and that's why we've only ever done the "egg hunt" thing...

    But, you know.. keeping up with the Jones' and all! Ha!

    I'm sure I'll throw something together with fun stuff... I can't believe Easter is THIS SUNDAY!

    1. My Littles will get plenty of candy from all of their grandparents and great grandparents, they sure don't need any from us yet, haha! I am already dreading the approaching days when Mason expects candy. Easter has really come up fast this year!

  4. that is so sweet! I can't believe Easter has arrived either! Where does the time go?!

  5. Thank you so much!! I really feel so behind! And Easter is even later this year. Thank goodness it wasn't at the beginning of April!

  6. I love the felt baskets! Very, very cute!

  7. your easter baskets are the cutest - make me one :(

  8. Absolutely! But I can't guarantee it will be there by Easter ;)

  9. How darling! I love your curation of goodies for the kids! Butterfly net?! So dreamy and cute! AW, he was born on Easter! So sweet! Those are the cutest baskets I've ever seen and I've lived in Japan (cute central). You make being a mom so fun! Happy Easter to you and your family!

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you!! He was born at 12:49pm on Easter Sunday! He'll be three next week and that kind of gives me anxiety. Happy Easter to you and yours as well!!


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