Monday, April 14, 2014

Sewing space and snazzy garage door

So I have talked before about my insane problem with rearranging my furniture. It's crazy, but I just can't leave things alone or get settled into our new house. When we set up our family room, I had to move my sewing desk. I put it upstairs in our bedroom, but I haven't been happy with how it turned out, until now{or for now..}. 
I am really loving my sewing nook! I have a project that I am getting ready to rock out for a good friend of mine, so I am glad to have a space that I can work in comfortably. 

It snowed today here in Crazyville. 
I was not impressed. It is April, Mother Nature, please lock it up! Yesterday it was 65 degrees. In fact, it was nice enough that Matt mowed the lawn, laid out some weed control and snazzied up our garage door. 
We found the hardware kit at Lowes for $7! Bargain city! It makes a huge difference!

I hope everyone had a great Monday!
All My Love, 


  1. Cool looking garage doors! Thanks for sharing those pics!

  2. One thing about that garage door - install a "flood blocker" at the bottom of it, especially if you ever move things as important as your sewing machine into the garage. We got caught with heavy rains and some flooding, and the interior of our garage got wrecked! A little preventive flood maintenance could have kept out interior safe and sound.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware


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