Sunday, April 6, 2014

garage sale, guitar, pouty faces and new workout gear.

I feel like I have fallen off of the face of the Earth the past few days! We had a little impromptu garage sale and that pretty much consumed my life last week.
It doesn't look like much, but I slept very little last week as I went through an insane amount of baby stuff and set things up for a 7AM garage sale. 

We also had a performance at Church on Saturday evening, which Matt and I diligently practiced for, for three days before the show... It went really well though, so we were both pretty excited. I forgot how awesome it is to sing for a crowd. We sang Through the Rough by Merriment. Do yourself a gigantic favor and google them right now.. go ahead, I'll wait... they're amazing right?!

We bought Pickle his first guitar this weekend. Holy cute Batman!
He loves it! He carries it through the house and strums and sings every song that he has ever heard. Mostly his ABC's and Through the Rough because Matt and I had been playing it repeatedly last week. He is a natural. I'm already picking out tile for my beach house he'll buy me when his first record goes platinum. 

I found a pair of Chucks in one of the (900)totes of baby stuff and I was so excited to see that they would fit Bugs! 
Please ignore her traumatized face, I promise she loved them. She was mad that we weren't leaving the house immediately so she could prance around in her new shoes. She is a slight drama queen when she's not being a serious sally. She is also wearing a cardigan of P's and I love it. 

Today was my long run day, but my long run partner has been benched for the next few weeks :( I was so unmotivated to run alone. I have really come to enjoy running with friends! I waited until this afternoon and then I could not procrastinate any longer. I ran 8 miles. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and it makes sense for me to run solo occasionally because I will be running my half-marathon solo. 
I rocked a new work out shirt that my precious Grandma bought for me last week. She was feeling good so she asked my Grandpa to take her to Kohl's so she could grab a few shirts for me that she saw in their ad and she thought they would be perfect for my running. How heart melting is that?! She has been dealing with cancer and chemo, but she wanted to do something to make me smile. That woman is amazing. My shirt says "I don't sweat, I sparkle". I really appreciate that she knows my affinity for glitter, but holy moly, I sweat all over that thing. It was definitely not sparkly. 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
All My Love,


  1. bahhhh those little tiny chucks on that little tiny angry baby! This picture killllsss meee

    1. I know right! There is so much sass happening. She's a funny little lady.


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