Sunday, April 13, 2014

Color Me Rad 5K

My goodness, I missed my Springfield friends so much. Thank you Whitney and John{and Aili} for letting us crash with you, keep you up late catching up and drinking your coffee, and Autumn{and Isaac}, Daniel, Mirna, Dane and April for squeezing in a visit with us on short notice. Love you guys so much!!! 
Me and my little love{and Ellie's bestie} Aili Lou!
Can I just tell you how much fun we had yesterday?? We did The Color Run last year, but Color Me Rad was way better. Next year we will be bringing the Littles for sure. They would love it! Matt and I had a great time running. We unofficially PR'd also, which was super awesome. Once we finished our run, we doubled back and found Branden, Sam, Brittany, Rosemary, Erin and Phil. We crossed the finish line with them too. We had a blast!
Me being Rad!
Me, Sam, Brittany, Rosemary and Erin {Before and After}

Matt and I {before and after}
Brittany, Phil and Erin

Branden and Sam <3

Erin and I about to get color bombed.

Miss Erin! She had so much fun! 

Color Bomb!

I am already counting down until next year. Mason has already asked me if we can go to where we took these pictures, so I think he will be ready! 
My favorite photo from yesterday!

Post Race we grabbed lunch with everyone{plus Anne, Malaya and Kierra, glad you guys made it by!} at Red Robin, because endless french fries/campfire sauce. Yum. 
It was so much stinking fun. I can't get over it. 

Today Samantha and I did a 5 miler. She has her half marathon next weekend in Kentucky, so I am sending her and Rachel and Brad lots and lots of luck, good vibes and Eye of the Tiger theme music. Good luck guys!!!
Also, good vibes for my mother in law Lucy, who had surgery Friday to repair her meniscus and my lovely Grandma who starts he last round of chemo this week. 

All My Love, 


  1. Ahh that looks so fun- I love the before and after pics! Congrats on the PR!!!


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