Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thrift Store Saturday #5 {thrifted style post}

No matter how many times I straighten my house, it perpetually looks like a small toddler tornado has blown through. I currently see a shoe, a bubble wand, a bus driver haphazardly laying face down next to a smiling Little People bus and my hairbrush. Pickle is tall enough to reach most things in the house now, and if he can't, he gets his stool out just to spite me. This equals trouble more often than not. Also, I walked into the dining room to set the table for dinner and Buggy was sitting on top of the table, right in the middle. I walked in and she held up her tiny hand and said "Hi!" with the most princess-y wave she could manage. She was not pleased when I made her get down, but for goodness sake, we've already lost one tooth and she's not even 2! 

Today I took some time to meal plan! I organized our refrigerator and pantry and took inventory of our freezer. I haven't meal planned for the last couple weeks and it was definitely effecting our budget and our eating habits. I posted last week that mom bought me a snazzy new cookbook, so I am making a new recipe from it every day this week. I did most of our shopping at Aldi, per usual, but I ran by Schnuck's and picked up a few things to shake up our normal menu a little. I bought some kale, plantain chips, and a few other things that Aldi doesn't carry. I am so ready to reinvigorate our usual menu! I think part of my binge eating trouble lately is just boredom with eating the same things over and over. Tonight we had pork ribs, poppy seed coleslaw and the best twice baked potatoes I have every had and they were all low calorie! I didn't get a picture, but never fear, I will make them again soon and give you the recipe too. 

I didn't make it out to thrift today since I organized the kitchen and went grocery shopping, but I had on a thrifted outfit that I LOVE! 

I still look a little patchy, but I am on the up and up!

Today's Thrifted Outfit
Polka dot top: American Eagle- $2
Boyfriend Jeans: American Eagle-$3
Cardigan: Forever 21- $3
Sugar Skull Shoes: Target 

I love thrifting! You can find so many great things if you just have a little patience. Maybe I will have a chance to thrift a little tomorrow after my long morning run. We are running hills tomorrow. Wish me luck! Samantha and Susan might have to bring the car around to pick me up. I haven't run very much this week since I am recovering from the unexplained rash. I am ready to lace up my tennis shoes and bust out 6 miles. 

All My Love, 


  1. You look great! Hope you're having a super great weekend!

    1. Thank you! I am still a little itchy, but a trip out of the house was definitely needed. Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Ooh hurry and make those twice baked potatoes again so I can have the recipe!! Good luck with hills tomorrow- eeeeek

    1. I am making them tomorrow and I will be posting them promptly :) They were seriously good.
      Thanks girl! I only almost died once.. hahahaha!


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