Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thrift Store Saturday #3

I love thrifty Saturdays. Today's haul was pretty slim and a little random, but the Littles weren't digging being cooped up in shopping carts, so we called it done a little earlier than usual. 
Check out this fantastic Halloween cat sweater that I scooped up for a whopping .50 cents. 
If I could fit into this, I would literally wear it every day. This is probably my favorite thrifty find so far. 

I also picked up a cute pair of sandals and a nice Carter's top for Bug's and two wooden bunny sit-arounds that I am going to pretty up for Easter. 
I spent $3.75 total. 
I am hoping to squeeze in one more small trip before the day is over.

The Littles are spending the night with Grandma Lucy and Papa Mark tonight. Matt and I are heading to a dinner and comedy show in Westphalia this evening and I am pretty darn excited about that. Hello fried chicken dinner and adult humor.

 I squeezed in a tiny run this afternoon. I am not too worried though because I am joining my cousin-in-law Samantha on a long run in the morning. I am so excited! Not so much for the running portion really, but for the company to run with. It will also be nice to get off the treadmill.  

Did anyone else thrift this weekend? Tell me about your deals!
All My Love, 


  1. Oh my goodness! Your my long lost sister...I could thrift shop ERRRDAY! :)

    1. Sister!! There is nothing better than a great deal! Do you annoy everyone you love by digging through every.single.item in the store?! I can spend hours just looking. My mom and Matt are done after 25 minutes.


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