Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thrift Store Saturday #2

Gray, gray and a little more gray can pretty accurately describe today. Dreary, Winter skies just waiting to open up and expel a large amount of precipitation onto our gray world. Go home Winter, I am over your nonsense.

This morning we met my parents at the Eagles for the Boy Scout pancake breakfast. If you have never been to a pancake breakfast, I highly suggest you remedy that and find one immediately. You cannot go wrong with a good cause and good food! We ate our weight in pancakes, biscuits and gravy and sausage. Delish. We even picked up a to go box for Matt's dad and ran it by his store.

Today is Thrift Store Saturday friends! My second favorite day of the week! Today I found quite a few awesome pieces for myself.

This time last year I was a size 10/12, now I am anywhere from a 4 to a 0 depending on the brand, so none of my clothes fit at all. This makes thrifting even more exciting. I finally have clothes again!

I also found an Easter shirt for Pickle and a superhero shirt for good measure.

We got home from thrifting and put the Littles down for their naps and I finally, finally, finished the letter for our front door. I had my glue gun out to repair a picture frame that belongs in Buggy's room, so I made up a few fabric flowers while it was still hot. It turned out so cute!

When the Littles woke up we headed over to a Birthday Party for our cousin-friends. We all had such a great time. The babies are all peas in a pod. They are so similar, it is too funny to watch them play together. Matt and I had a great time with the adults too! {Thanks Chad for the awesome beer and Eric and Tiff for the great food!} We finally had to drag the Littles out so we could make it home before the weather turned awful. Pickle told me when we got in the car that he loved his cousin-friends so much that he wanted to live with them. Poor kid was kind of sad when we pulled into our own driveway. Luckily home is where his kitties live, so he was cool with it for now. 

All My Love, 

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