Wednesday, March 19, 2014

There is a reason itchy rhymes with bitchy..

It's everywhere. My eyelids, behind my ears, all extremities, behind my knees and literally every other piece of my body. I'm talking everywhere..

I don't want to talk this into the ground, but this allergic reaction is making me fucking crazy. Thank God for PBS kids. My Littles are on a TV overload and I am way too itchy, bitchy and uncomfortable to change that today. Keep on keeping on Super Why. I cooked them bacon and eggs for breakfast, so they're fine right? 

In my rashified state, my eating has been crap. I hope Jesus doesn't mind that I bought {and ate half of} a container of ice cream. Sorry Lent, I have let you down. 

Once I don't want to itch off all of the skin on my body I will focus on healthy eating. Right now I am just camped out on the couch and willing the Benedryl to work. I managed to shower without dying and proceeded to smother myself in itch cream like it was Calgon. Take me away hydrocortisone. 

All My Love, 


  1. hope you get better soon! This seems like such a long time to have a rash!!

    1. Lindsay, I'm starting to think its poison ivy. I don't know where I got it, but I am now covered in blisters. Got any of those Oreos left?!?

    2. I love Super Why! xD It's such a cute show!

      Have you tried oatmeal at all for the itch? Maybe at some point try to take an oatmeal bath, it works for chicken pox, maybe it'll help you?

    3. I think at this point I might just make a bowl of oatmeal and wear it instead of eat it ;) I am planning on a nice soak later if the Littles cooperate. I have never experienced anything like this!


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