Tuesday, March 11, 2014

my messy house and a thrifty recap.

How many times can a person rearrange their furniture before it becomes a problem? If the answer is less than 20, then I am in trouble. It was 70 degrees yesterday and we spent all day outside. Vitamin D must have caused my brain to malfunction because at 8PM I decided that I hate how our extra room downstairs is set up. So I set to work moving all of my craft supplies upstairs, and tasking Matt with finding us some Craigslist furniture to restore to turn the extra room into a tv/playroom{like I wanted to when we first moved in- I should always listen to myself, I am rarely wrong ;)}. So here I sit in the morning aftermath of my decision and I have an almost empty room downstairs, a brain full of ideas and the tiniest budget a person could have. Awesome. Luckily, it is supposed to be 80 degrees today, so, for today, it can wait.
We will walk to the park, enjoy the sunshine, have a picnic, and do some playing and I will not think about this mess waiting for me at home.
Or the fact that there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow... because both things crush my soul. 

In case anyone was wondering if we made it back out to thrift a little on Saturday, we sure did! We hit up Goodwill, because it was the only thing open by the time we made it back out. Our Goodwill can be really overpriced, so it is hit or miss for good deals. Matt actually found the perfect shelf for our kitchen! 
I had already started painting it before I realized I hadn't taken a before picture.

We had been looking for anything without hearts in, on, or around it. What is with the hearts carved into shelving? Anyway, this will be perfect and it was $6. We were pretty excited. Thrifty Saturdays are my favorite! This week's Thrift Store Saturday post will be about my finds while we're in St. Louis. I am so excited for our trip! 

All My Love, 

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