Friday, March 14, 2014

My Friday in GIF's

I ate 5 cookies last night. This morning I threw the rest of the cookies and the cookie dough away. Get outta my house calorie fest. I am 5 pounds up now. That puts my current weight at 140.

Honestly, for the amount of junk I ate this week, that's not a terrible number. I was expecting much worse, which is probably one of the justifications for the 4th and 5th cookie. Today is a new day. I will do better. If you have MyFitnessPal, let me know so we can be friends.

I am so ready for tomorrow's Girl Day in St. Louis, that I have pretty much checked out of today already.

My Trader Joe's list is getting pretty long. I have to make the trip count, because we probably won't make it back until May. I am really pumped about going thrifting tomorrow too. I love checking out new places. I am really hoping to score some good cat related items.{yeah, you read that correctly}

Bugs has decided that her new favorite thing is stripping off her clothes and running around in her diaper. Luckily this has only happened at home so far, but I am waiting for the day we are in Aldi and she whips down her pants. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

All My Love, 


  1. I have a weak spot for cookies and cookie dough. Mmm!! Another blogger I follow, Hima, has this amazing recipe for "healthy chocolate chip cookie dough dip" made with ingredients that you won't feel bad about: You should check it out.

    We don't have a local Trader Joe's either, but the one thing I get every time is their Blue Agave Sweetener. It's replaced both honey and maple syrup for me. I had never tried it until my Mom gave it to me as a gift and I'm hooked!

    1. That recipe looks awesome!! I love the idea of using beans! I am definitely trying it soon.

      I will add that to my TJ's list! I have always wanted to try agave, I just haven't been brave enough yet.

  2. Enjoy your girls day, sounds like fun!


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