Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mason jar soap dispensers and Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday! We celebrated in style with stuffed burgers, beer and coloring a lot of pictures at Shep's Southside. The Littles did so well while we were there. I was so impressed! We had never been to this place before and I was nervous about taking the Littles with us, but it turned out fantastic. We will definitely go back. It was one of the best burgers I have ever had. It was stuffed with cheese, peppers and onions. So good!

I have given a lot of thought to my Lenten promises this year and I have come up with a giant list, but since I am trying to be realistic, I have narrowed it down to three things. 1. I will not yell. There will be no yelling in our household for the entirety of Lent{and hopefully} beyond. I spend so much of my day hollering because no one seems to listen to me, so I will be working on effective communication. 2. No meat Mondays, as well as Fridays. 3. I will be giving up ice cream. This last one will be rough because I have been indulging every night in a low calorie ice cream bar. I look forward to eating my treat every single day, so tonight is my last ice cream treat and I went all out with a Reese's Avalanche from Zesto's. I am putting the fat in Fat Tuesday right now, and I am totally okay with it. I am also tracking my calories, so I won't let one day ruin the rest of my week. No backsliding here! Tomorrow is a day of fasting anyway right? It's totally fine.

Today I finally got around to making mason jar soap dispensers! I have had all of the supplies for months, but today after my run, I decided that I was going to make a few.

These are so stinking easy! All you need is a pump from a soap bottle and a mason jar. I didn't feel like pulling out the drill, so I used a large flat head screwdriver, a hammer and a small pair of snipper things{I am real professional over here}. I caveman style chiseled the lid until I could push the screwdriver through and then I pulled back the edges and clipped them off with the snippers. Once I had the hole big enough, I just worked the pump through and hot glued it into place. Then I filled one with Dawn and the other with Peppermint soap. They look so much nicer sitting on my sink than that plastic junk. It is also nice to get a few projects out of my cupboard and into being useful!

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