Friday, March 28, 2014

{Low Cal} Peanut Butter Pie

Happy Friday!! I am so glad that the weekend is here. I feel like this week has been a little crazy. 

Wednesday before I got my hair cut off, I stopped by Lucy and Mark's(my in-laws) house to see their almost finished bathroom remodels. They look fabulous! It makes me antsy to start working on some of our home projects. Lucy and I stopped by JC Penney's home store so I could help match some rugs and towels for their master bath. We went with a dark mocha and I really like the way they look. {I hope you do too Lucy!} 

Yesterday I cleaned the house, took a library trip with the Littles, went shopping with Lucy again for guest bathroom items, found some super sale curtains for the dining room, picked up Matt from the house after work and met my parents, Aunt and cousins at Arris' for dinner.{the BEST pizza in town!} It was so nice to see them! We had a blast! 
A quick shot of the dining room curtains.

Tonight something sweet sounded so good. So I made peanut butter pie. I know, you're thinking "Meg! NO! You have had a kick ass week!" but never fear, it is LOW CALORIE peanut butter pie!

Easy{low calorie}Peanut Butter Pie:
8 servings at 240 calories per slice

3 cups no sugar added, low fat vanilla ice cream{I used Bryer's}
1/3 cup peanut butter
1 chocolate pie crust
1 TBSP sugar free chocolate syrup

Mix softened ice cream and peanut butter together until smooth. Spread into pie crust. Top with chocolate syrup. Freeze {at least 2 hours} and enjoy. Top with sugar free whipped topping and some crushed pretzels for a sweet and salty twist :)


  1. I heart bathroom remodels...well, any remodels! Then accessorizing! AH! OK, you've broken me with this pie! I AM making this but maybe WITH sugar? Then I'm going to exercise for 5 hours! LOVE this!

    1. The pie was pretty much heaven. There may or may not be any left at this point.
      I like the idea of remodeling, but I am glad that we aren't quite ready to start any huge projects yet. My goal is just to get the kitchen painted at this point ;)

  2. ooooommmggggg mouth is watering at work I am leaving early to make this pie

    1. Hahaha Lindsay! Dooooo it! I highly recommend this pie. It will be my summer BBQ staple for sure.

  3. GIRL that looks to die for!! I am SO making this!

    1. Ashley, I am probably going to make one every week for the rest of my life, hahaha! If you make it let me know!


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