Monday, March 31, 2014

Family room/playroom

A few posts back I talked about loving your enemies. I made forgiveness a big part of my Lenten journey and as Easter draws near, I am failing horribly. I was doing well for a while. I had found some peace in my heart, but there is just something holding me back from letting it all go completely. I am struggling, but I know that peace will come if I can just let it be. {The Beatles know their shit.} I wish it was as easy to practice as it is to preach. 

Today was pretty fantastic! The Littles and I met Sheri and her daughter L at the library for a play date  and then stopped by Wendy's for some lunch. The Littles has nuggets and I had the new Asian Cashew Chicken salad. It was pretty tasty. The spicy chile dressing was awesome. The Littles had a great time! Mason has not stopped talking about L, and how much he wants to play with her again, since we left lunch. I also had a blast talking with Sheri! I am so glad to have started to make some new friends in town, especially ladies as lovely as Samantha, Susan and Sheri. 
I just realized you all have S names... 

I have been working on getting our extra room set up with something that I can live with. We recently found a craigslist couch and over sized armchair, in spectacular shape, for $100. We couldn't pass up a deal like that! So we traveled to Columbia to pick them up and brought them home to make our extra space into a family/tv/play room.

It's not a super big room, but it's cozy and it gives the kids a place to play so I don't have to constantly haul baskets of toys up and down the stairs, and couches they can monkey around on without hurting themselves{as Pickle did when he smashed his face into the arm of our living room furniture}. 
I am also okay with getting my TV off of the fireplace mantle too. 
I like the way we have it set up now, but I felt like it was missing something. I whipped up some letters out of a Puffins cereal box, scrapbook paper and a touch of glitter and voila! a splash of fun for the family/tv/playroom. 

I also have a really fun pink chevron fabric that I will be making some curtains with too! 
What projects are you working on??

All My Love, 


  1. What a cute room for you and the kiddos! I HEART Craigslist! I have bought and sold all kinds of things there. Forgiveness has been a big part of my work this year as well. It is a challenge with some things. I appreciate the fact that I have the intention and try to be easy on myself. :)

    1. Thanks lady!! We have had some good craigslist luck lately!
      I wish I had a heart for forgiveness, but it is not my strong suit, hahaha.

  2. My childhood pastor told such a powerful story about forgiveness that ends in Jesus saying he doesn't even remember what the sin was and it has stuck with me my whole life...but it is just. so. HARD!! Good luck! And how cute is your play rooom!

    1. It is the hardest! I am no good at it. I am a dweller. I can't help it.

      And thank you!! I feel like things are finally coming together here.


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