Thursday, February 20, 2014

yarn and boogers.

I have been working on an afghan for more than 2 years now. I started working on it as a wedding gift, but halfway through I changed my mind and gave the couple something else. For the last 2 years it has become my old standby project. I pick it up when I have some extra time and I am thinking about it. Today I picked it up again and I got so annoyed with myself. It is a beautiful blanket and it deserves to be used and loved. I have made it my goal to finish it by May. This is the year of following through after all. 

We have reached a pretty awesome milestone at the Weber House! Pickle is {mostly} potty trained! He has done so well all week. I am so stinking proud of him. We will be having a pizza party Sunday evening to celebrate. There will be well deserved balloons. And ice cream. Hell, if I could afford one, I'd buy him a pony if he wanted. I never thought we would see the end of diapers. Another perk is that Bugs is super interested in her potty seat now too. What an adventure these Littles give us.

I am a pretty blessed lady. There are rough days of course, but when they are done and over and I have consumed a fairly large amount of wine, I remember that they will not be little forever. Each day is a new experience. Each day my heart fills more with love for these creatures who were once growing so close to my heartbeat. They are now beautiful, thriving, strong minded children. When my gratitude runs thin, I remember that they will grow up one day, and suddenly, the boogers on my pants, the nail polish on the ottoman, the never ceasing whining, are all so insignificant. There will be many more boogers, many more spills, much more whining, but there will also be so much more love. Let it Be. 
                              All My Love, 

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