Sunday, February 2, 2014

We're not normal, but I like it.

So can I tell everyone a secret? I do not care one bit about the Super Bowl. I am strictly in it for the food, commercials and family time. We don't watch sports at our house. I really like to attend sporting events in person, but watching them on TV is just boring. We have other things we'd rather do with our time, like take the Littles outside to actually play football, soccer, or baseball. If there is a big game on, we'll turn it on, but usually we don't care. The Super Bowl is just an excuse for us to hang out together surrounded by fantastic snacks. Judge all you want, I'm okay with not watching sports except for once or twice a year. I am really lucky to have found a husband who would rather listen to music, play music or work with his hands than spend all of his free time watching various sporting events. {Love you Hubs!} So today we will sit together in front of a TV, surrounded by food in keeping with all of the traditions, but instead of football being our focus, it will be each other. I hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl as much as we will.
                                    All My Love,

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