Thursday, February 6, 2014

ugly crying and Valentine's Day.

So remember those brownies I made? You should make them too. So good!

We are going to the library tomorrow even if I have to toboggan there. I don't think I can take one more second in my house. The Littles are going just as stir crazy as me. I also need to drop off Pickle's pre-school application. Yes, you read that correctly. Where did my tiny baby go?! We have a really great program for the kiddos at our church and it will only be Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but it makes me want to ugly cry when I think about it, so I will not.

I pushed myself a little too hard today with my treadmill workout. I decided to shake it up, so I jogged 3 minutes at 4 mph, kicked it up to 6.5mph for 90 seconds and sprinted at 9 mph for 30 seconds and repeated for a half an hour. My Buffy episode wasn't quite over after that, so I jogged for another 10 minutes. I will spend my evening icing my knee and smacking myself for pushing too hard. I might take a rest day tomorrow and do one of my workout videos instead. I half started the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred right after Christmas, but quickly slacked on that, so I am going to pick it up again. This knee pain has to go because we have our second 5k next weekend. Matt and I are running the Sweetheart Run in Columbia.

Speaking of next weekend, hello Valentine's Day! I am trying to get some fun ideas together for the Littles. Last year I kind of went overboard{who me? I know right}, so this year I want things to be pretty simple. What are YOU planning for Valentine's Day?
                       All My Love,

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