Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thrift store Saturday

I have had some crummy luck lately, but today things were a little brighter. Matt went to help his dad at the meat shop and took Pickle with him, so Bugs and I decided to spend some girl time shopping. Let me just tell you that I love thrift stores. I always have. I can spend hours digging through every single rack{my mom can vouch for me, it drives her crazy!}. Today we went by The Salvation Army and Goodwill and found some super sweet items.

Check out that awesome denim jacket, mustard yellow flats, vintage brown ankle boots, rock star polka dot jeans and Pyrex mugs in a new pattern!
I am super obsessed with vintage Pyrex. I am always on the lookout for new pieces. These babies were .20 cents a piece! Yes please!
Thrifting takes time and patience, but sometimes you get lucky and find a whole bunch of great stuff.

I am also super excited about tomorrow. Church, pancake breakfast at the Lions Club, naps and The Walking Dead. The irony of Jesus and Zombies all in one day is not lost on me, but it is the best day of the week.
                  All My Love,

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