Wednesday, February 5, 2014

snow goblins and a brownie recipe.

Yesterday afternoon, when the snow finally stopped, Matt and I took the Littles outside to play. We dressed them both as warmly as possible, which included two pairs of pants. two long sleeved shirts, a jacket, a coat, a pair of gloves, a pair of mittens and plastic grocery sacks covering their shoes and held on with masking tape. Next year we will invest in some proper snow attire. The Littles had a blast, despite their winter apparel. The snow was too fluffy to make decent snowballs, but we did manage to make a snow goblin of sorts. The Littles took turns sitting on Matt's shovel and going for "snow rides". Pickle refused to come inside with Buggy and I. He insisted on helping Matt shovel the driveway, which was seven kinds of adorable. He had a big blue sand shovel that he scooped up the soft snow with and then he would dump it promptly into his orange, sandcastle shaped bucket and move it to Matt's pile of snow. He's growing up so fast.
Today since we still have a ton of snow, we didn't make it out to the library. Pickle was a little disappointed, but we played basketball in his room instead and he seemed okay with the substitution. I got in my run while the Littles napped this afternoon. My knee has been hurting, so I took it easy and only ran 2 miles. The treadmill gets easier each day though.
After dinner Matt hinted that he would really like some brownies for dessert. Since I am a human, I happily agreed. I really didn't want to ruin my day with an enormous amount of calories though, so I began a quest for the perfect recipe. I found these delicious creatures at Sally's Baking Addiction. I subbed granulated Splenda for the sugar and used an egg substitute. They are cooling on my counter as I type, so I will update you tomorrow {since I know all of you are anxiously awaiting the verdict}when I have eaten one....or three.
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