Monday, February 10, 2014

sewing project and a little river dancing.

Have you ever burned popcorn so badly that for a fraction of a second you had a real concern that your entire house would also burst into flames? Oh... just me? Normally I prefer slightly burned popcorn. It is super weird, but I like it that way. Today I wasn't even making the popcorn for myself. I was popping it for the Little's afternoon snack and my mother-in-law called and I got distracted with the laundry and next thing I know my kitchen smells like death. I had to put the bag outside my back door even. Luckily we had more popcorn. 

Pickle had his very first Dentist visit this morning. He did SO GOOD! I don't think I have ever been more proud. He sat in the chair by himself and everything. He was so excited about his new toothbrush and floss. I really like the Littles Dentist's office. I wish Bugs would have had a better first visit instead of falling on her face, but all things considered I really like the doctors and nurses. 

I finally got around to making slipcovers for our old red throw pillows that used to be on our couch. We got new throw pillows when we moved and I just haven't had the heart to throw the red pillows away, plus pillows are stinking expensive! I found a great chevron fabric piece on clearance at Hobby Lobby and picked it up thinking I would have enough to at least cover one of the red pillows. I got the fabric home and I had plenty for both pillows and a little extra, so I was pretty excited. Here's how they turned out.
Not too shabby for $4.72! 
I used a really simple envelope pattern that I found here. 

This afternoon I was too lazy to walk upstairs to get the laptop to watch Buffy while I ran on the treadmill, so instead I watched music videos on the iPad. I started with some B*Witched, Aqua and SClub7 and then moved to some late 90's, early 00's pop punk. I really forgot how much I still love Blink 182. Three miles went by really quickly since I had so much variety in my visuals. I also decided that I am going to learn the choreography to C'est La Vie, including the step number they do. I mean what a great party trick to have up my sleeve! I also used to be able to do the worm... I wonder if I could still manage that?
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