Sunday, February 23, 2014

mirror mirror on the wall.

Now that Pickle is potty trained, he has discovered that he can get out of bed multiple times after bedtime and tell us he needs to potty. I just put him back into bed after trip number 3. Oh dear. We had his Potty Pizza Party tonight! He loved it. We had pizza, salad, chips{per his request} and ice cream sandwiches. It was so nice having everyone come to his party. I really love having company over to the house. 

This afternoon Matt picked up some things from his mom's house, like his college loft bed{which will go in Mason's room for his Birthday!} and his bike. Lucy and Mark are currently remodeling their bathrooms and had a few things that I gladly took off of their hands like two of these sweet mirrors.

I am working on finding some great vintage frames and some 1930's photos of Jefferson City to hang on the wall too. I am also looking for a sideboard to refinish. My dining room is almost my favorite room. The built-ins and chandelier are so much fun! 

I didn't get my run in today because I was busy with housework and pizza party chores. I am hoping to get at least 4 miles in tomorrow. I am so ready to run outside again. I really love having our treadmill, but I am aching for pavement under my feet and cold air in my lungs. I am tired of the moving black belt. I am pretty sure it is supposed to snow again this week though. Fiddlesticks. 
              All My Love, 


  1. What exactly is a Potty Pizza Party? Yall threw a pizza party because he is potty-trained now? I like that idea of rewarding him with a party. :)

    1. I had been begging him for so long to use the potty that I told him when he was finally potty trained we would throw him a party! The kid loves pizza, so that's what we did! We all clapped and cheered. He loved it.


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