Monday, February 3, 2014

Got to get the bread and milk.

It never fails that we run out of milk the day before a huge winter storm rolls into town. I was one of the crazies clogging up our grocery arteries this afternoon. Sorry friends and neighbors, but my Littles need their milk or I will be told repeatedly to just "go to the store and get some more mama" which sounds like a great plan, except for the snowpocalypse that is looming over our state waiting to explode. We had a follow up appointment for Buggy with her oral surgeon{everything looks great!}, so I ran over to Aldi when we finished. I bought one of the last gallons of skim milk and grabbed some essentials(sweet potatoes, lettuce, and blueberry muffin mix , because muffins). We made it out alive, so we stopped by Hobby Lobby. I could live in Hobby Lobby. I picked up some yarn for a very special project that I am getting ready to start for my best friend and I found some great clearance fabric to recover a few pillows for our bedroom. When we got home I made some spaghetti for dinner. I haven't made pasta, other than mac and cheese for the Littles, in 6 months or longer. We haven't been missing out on much. I guess my taste buds have changed quite a bit, but I would way rather eat my calories elsewhere. I did make garlic bread though. Hello garlicky, delicious carbs. You were worth every calorie. 
Since the Littles are soundly in bed, I am going to clean, or eat an 80 calorie popsicle and watch supernatural with my Matt. I bet you'll never guess which one I will choose. Safe travels for all who have to venture out tomorrow. 
                         All My Love, 

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