Thursday, February 13, 2014

clever blog post titles are hard.

My dear sunshine, I have never been so happy to see you. Combine your presence with the arrival of 45 degree weather and I am in melting snow ecstasy. Shrink away fluffy white and bring back some color to our lives! 

Yesterday Pickle started showing symptoms of coming down with a cold and sure enough last night he spiked a small fever and was perturbed by a stuffy nose. Our luck is that his "cousin-friends" spent the day with us yesterday, so I hope Big C and Little C don't catch whatever bug P's got! The Little's had a really fun day though. Today he is still a little feverish and he tells me every 5 minutes "my nose running mama, I need a tiss-you". Poor boy! 

Today I have been "spring cleaning" {because 45 degrees = spring, right?} Our house has been a rental property almost entirely since 1938. No lie, I am a giant nerd and Google'd the 1940 census. I discovered that the people who owned this house rented it out as soon as it was built. The first renters were a Civil Engineer for the State and his wife. I don't believe in coincidence{Matt is a Civil Engineer and I am his wife}, so this tells me we were meant to live here and end its rental days! Anyway, the problem is that the house sat vacant after its last renters for over a year, so all their dirt that was never really cleaned up properly just sat and piled up. You should have seen the grease in my kitchen when we moved in! Also, I am about 95% sure that they smoked in the house. I have spent hours scrubbing baseboards, windows, doors and floors with vinegar trying to get all of the yellow nicotine residue out. Yuck. Today I tackled the shutters in our bedroom and all of the windows upstairs. They look so much better! I can't wait to throw open the windows and get some fresh air in this house again.

I wish I could have done my run outside today, but it just wasn't in the cards. Oh well, there will be more nice days.....I hope. I got in 2 miles on the treadmill and then did a circuit of core workouts. Have you ever tried peanut butter, greek yogurt and cinnamon mixed together? If not, do it, now. I'll wait. 1TBSP peanut butter, 2 TBSP greek yogurt and a heavy sprinkle of cinnamon. You can add honey if you'd like extra sweetness.
Seriously though, it's delish, good for you and perfect with apple slices. 
I think I will go make some.
                     All My Love, 

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