Thursday, January 30, 2014

When I find myself in times of trouble.

Thank you Jesus for The Beatles. I know you had a hand in their tune-age, because every time I hear Let It Be, I can feel a little bit of your Grace. As I stood in my kitchen blaring music to drown the hollers of two toddlers clamoring for lunch that they absolutely needed 5 minutes ago, attempting to unload my dishwasher so I could straighten the terrible mess that stood in my sink, dancing around to avoid stepping on the little fingers and toes that are undoubtedly under my feet at all times. I stood in my kitchen soaked in anxiety over things that are beyond my control. I stood in my kitchen ready to shatter into thousands of tiny pieces. And then, I heard the familiar piano. I just stopped in my tracks, with the Littles looking slightly confused, and I listened. And there was peace in my heart. I can only control myself. And that is okay. Let It Be.

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