Thursday, January 23, 2014

The times they are a changin'

 Here we are friends, more than a year after my first post and oh boy have things changed. I am still at home with my two Littles, however home is not where it used to be. We moved back to our home town this past July and we have not looked back. I miss my friends in Springfield dearly, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have our Littles closer to their Grandparents and honestly we needed be closer to our Parents. Raising children is hard. It takes a village, and my village was hours away.
 Since moving home we have celebrated a whole bunch of milestones! Pickle is swiftly approaching three and this makes me want to cry and rejoice all at once. He is so big(wearing 4T clothes perfectly) that often I forget he's only two. He is headstrong and willful, but he is also sweet and polite(when he chooses- as with most things he does). We are desperately working on potty training(the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!). Since he is such a willful child, we are waiting for the potty training to be on his terms because us pushing is not helpful to him or Matt and I. One day he will decide he's ready, I just have to wait for that day. Buggy is approaching 18 months old and I am seeing her change and grow every day. This last week her vocabulary exploded. She is also willful and she is a leader in every way. She is so brave. She will charge headfirst into any situation. This happened quite literally two weeks ago and she fell and pushed her front tooth backwards and to the side. She had to have it pulled last week which broke my heart. She will be the coolest girl in school with no front tooth until her grown up tooth replaces her baby tooth.
 Matt and I purchased a house in Jefferson City in August. We have yet to sell our Springfield house though. We love our new house. It's big and old and historic. It has all the original hardwood flooring and glass doorknobs on every door. My task now is filling it up since we almost tripled the amount of living space we had. We thrift store on the regular and I have a lovely "honey do" list for Matt filled with tasks of building shutters, installing a barn door off of the kitchen in the sun room and refinishing a secretary desk that belonged to my parents when they first got married.
 Christmas has come and gone. Winter has set in and there is a polar vortex headed our way in the next week or two. This morning the wind chill was -20 degrees. No thank you.
 If you stuck with this post, you are a brave soul. I promise to write more.
                                                                                                             All My Love,

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