Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thank you scoobies.

Last night I surprised Matt with a babysitter and we went out to dinner. We had been hearing great things about the burgers at Ecco Lounge, so that's where we headed. Matt ordered a Stag since they offer it on tap at Ecco. The waitress looked at him a little closer and asked, "you Toby's boy?" Turns out, Matt went to high school with her son and she lives down the road from Matt's dad and grandparents. Nothing beats small town living. You're never too far from home. Also, the burgers were fantastic. I was glad I ran an extra mile yesterday.
Today was warmer, so we emerged from our house cocoon and ventured to my grandparents house for the day. We arrived just as my grandpa was returning home from his morning coffee excursion. The Littles loved every minute of their play time today. After we left my grandparents, we stopped by Aldi's to pick up some produce. I love Aldi's. Their bags of mini sweet peppers were on sale for 79 cents. I bought two and thought about sending Matt out for a couple more.
Since the Littles napped at my grandparents house today, I had to run this evening after dinner. It's getting easier to run on the treadmill. I logged 2 miles and called it quits, mostly because my Buffy episode was over. Tomorrow my goal is 5 miles. Originally I thought the weather was supposed to shape up for tomorrow, but talk around town is that it might snow. That means running 5 miles on the treadmill. At least I have Buffy the Vampire Slayer to keep me company.

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