Saturday, January 25, 2014

My trouble with mint green.

Today's post is pretty riviting friends. I cannot decide what color to paint our kitchen. You're probably thinking "this lady is nuts! It's not that hard to pick a paint color for a kitchen!" And my friends, that is exactly what I'm thinking too. I have a perfect color in mind. A color I can clearly see in my head, but finding this perfect color in real life is proving to be somewhat of a challenge. I'm looking for the perfect mint green. Not too seafoamy green, not too aqua-esque. I am in search of magical mint green. I live in my kitchen most days. It is my favorite place to be, after all it's where the coffee is located. I also have two toddlers who eat 8 small meals a day and a husband who comes home for lunch every day. I can see myself sipping coffee(frantically unloading the dishwasher to find the correct sippy cup for a screaming toddler) in this exquisitely mint kitchen, but alas, I have been fruitless in my quests thus far. I still hold on tightly to hope that one day soon I will have a freshly painted kitchen.
                                                                           All My Love,

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