Friday, January 31, 2014

First performance since I was 19.

{listen to this awesome song that we will be covering....please}

I have 15 things on my to-do list that must get done in the next two days, so naturally I am typing a blog post instead. Matt and I are on the Family Life Committee at our church and we have an event tomorrow called Acts and Snacks. Since we are on the committee we felt a responsibility to contribute, so not only are we bringing snacks, we are preparing a musical act as well. This will be our first time playing anything together. I am really nervous because I haven't performed for anyone other than my friends and old coworkers since college. I am also really nervous because I love Merriment and do not want to ruin a tune that I really love. Hopefully we won't make mockeries of ourselves or the really cool band fronted by my other lady crush Christie DuPree(insert fan girl screaming here). I guess we will find out tomorrow night.
                     All My Love,

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